Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Some good news... and some bad news.

As of yesterday I have about 5 tomatoes that have made themselves known.  The Early Girls have proved to be early... and... girls, but that's another story.  It's nice to see something actually bearing fruit in the garden and it makes me wonder what things will look like in a month.  I hope I have copious amounts of veggies to share with everyone.
Look at you... you sexy fruit.
In other good news, the cucumbers are thriving and reaching the bottom section of the trellis.  They are preparing their assent toward the top of The Arch de Cucumb.  Spirits have continued to be high with the morale meter reaching approximately 8.5 and their bar to man ratio is still well within operating range.

Prenez la colline!

Now... the bad news.  Caterpillars have waged an assault on members of the alliance, wiping out several green pepper plants and threatening to make their way toward the tomatoes.  Currently we have elevated the status of the garden to Defcon 2 in order to squash (garden humor) the threat and return peace to the the land of the straw and mocking bird.  How to do this exactly is still in question because with much power comes much responsibility.  Wiping out the threat of the intruders with chemical weapons remains on the table but the allied command is researching options to eliminate this threat while still retaining the organic moniker it currently holds.

It's a dark time in the rebellion.

We have currently dispatched peace keeping teams to find a solution to this problem and now WE NEED YOU!  If you have a solution to this problem you are urged to share your ideas in the most hastily of fashions before the situation escalates and the need to use excessive force is granted.  Help me dear readers... you are my only hope.

And with that... a pearly war jam.

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