Thursday, June 30, 2011

FRUITS of Labor

TASTE THE HEAT! - Ryan Lynch

We are bracing for the heatwave at Johnson Farms by giving the garden a good drink in the morning hours every other day.  It seems to be working because we now have Cucumbers! I noticed these bad boys last night, and I'm very excited about making some pickles with a portion of the crop.  The vines seem to be covered with them, so I hope that production will continue to be high and last throughout the summer months.

Ahhh snap.

The tomatoes are still doing great.  I did some pretty heavy pruning last night, so I hope that I didn't disrupt them too much.  Cutting them back always makes me nervous, but it hasn't failed me yet... gulp.  Here are some close-ups of the Early Gils and the Yellow Pear tomatoes.

You look marvelous  darlings.

The rest of the bunch also seem to be doing their thing.  This process has been real fun to watch, and I am giddy thinking about what this garden might look like in a month!

Corn - Watermelons - Sunflowers gettin' busy

Here is some classic Big Smith to cool you off!

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