Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Why grow home.

I'm not really sure why I decided to start a garden, but I think it has something to do with age and the feeling of being a little more self reliant.  I know that what I hope to produce could in no way sustain my family for any amount of time, but I also know that things grown in ones back yard seem to add something to family dinners.  Since I can remember my family has always enjoyed fresh vegetables from the garden and as a kid I rarely ate canned beans, pickles or tomatoes bought from the store.  All true, but I doubt anyone is reading this lame intro, so lets skip forward to something everyone likes...


This sucker was about 20 feet long and super hot.  I needed to burn this brush pile down, because it was rudely taking up the space of where the garden should be.

After fire it was time to till, but it rained... alot.... then it rained some more.  The ground was super duper mush-house.  So I waited.

Finally After about two weeks of waiting I got my Dad's front tinned tiller and started the process of tilling.  It was kinda like wrestling a gorilla that was being pulled by a mule.  I just didn't have time to rent a nicer rear tinned tiller because of the rain's schedule so I made due with what I had... I'm still sore.

All the while I had started some veggies from seed and things were starting to come along nicely.

I completed a fence, and with the help of my good friend Rick Todd a super sweet John Deere green gate.  This is to keep the teams of rabbits out and the veggies in.  I just hope I don't have a deer problem.

I'm about 15 days behind schedule now, but things are going in the ground this week.  I'm promising to include much better photos in the future, and please feel free to write suggestions or witty comments if you decide to follow this blog.