Monday, June 27, 2011

Progress, Problems, Possibilities and a Python

Things continue to go pretty good in the garden.  The caterpillar threat has seemed to diminish while another has risen... but more on that later.  I counted 15 tomatoes that have formed on the plants which doesn't include the horde of the yellow pear tomatoes that have also set.  I need to trim some of the plants back a little in hopes to get more energy toward making fruit and less to making leaves, but other than that the tomato crop is looking real good.  Here's a shot of one of the Black Krims that have formed.

From Russia with love... yep... this plant comes from Crimea, an island peninsula in the Black Sea
I just can't say enough about how useful the trellis and cucumber cages are.  Cucumbers have a reputation of really taking over a lot of garden space, but I've been able to contain them in a small area with the use of these cages and the trellis.  This is simply the way to go.  It makes the harvest easier and the plants are thriving.  I hope some cukes set on the vines soon.

Cage/Trellis 2012
I also have a bit of a problem and another concern now.  The problem isn't huge and it stems from an experiment that I tried so I guess it's a good thing.  I didn't put newspaper down before my straw when I was mulching the first part of the garden, but I decided to later just to see if you could tell a difference.  Wow! It might not make that much of a difference in a garden that has existed for a while, but on gardens newly made from prairie grassland it makes a huge difference.  So lesson learned.  If you don't want to weed your mulched areas use a barrier, or better yet get some newspapers that people are going to throw away and use them before you put your mulching material down.

Without Newspaper              -                   With Newspaper  
My concern is with the Japanese Beetle.  They have already made a mess of my basil plant and I noticed that they are taking up residence in the tree next to my garden.  I'm worried that some afternoon, while on a sake bender, they might all decide to fly down to the garden and start a munchathon.  I'm thinking about getting one of those bags that I've seen around, but I'm worried about attracting more to my area than are already there.  If anyone has any ideas chime in... I'd love to hear them.

There is a possibility of rain this week and the plants could use some good ol' fashion sky water.  I often wonder why rain water seems to have a much more positive effect on plants than well water.  I might save that question for another post.  Below is a pic of the tiniest green pepper I've ever seen, as well as the progress of a watermelon vine.  Both peppers and melons have really made positive advances this past week.  Good job team.

Dear Sky, please bring rain for the melons and the peppers.  Thanks.

For those that remember Scout the Mockingbird he's doing fine and has a doppleganger that's been hanging around as well.  But, the newest member of the family is a Black Ratsnake that measures somewhere in the 6-7 foot range.  Yeah... it's that big.  Saturday marked the 3rd time he's been spotted in the yard, so I figure he's here to stay.  I noticed him coming down out of a tree while I was mowing, and by noticed I mean screamed while atop a riding mower towards his direction like a frightened child when he caught my eye. I've decided to name him Lucious and I hope to get a picture of him soon, but not too soon.

So in honor of Lucious enjoy a song by Black Prairie.

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